Fresh Start

I’m finally up to starting a blog.  I really miss Xanga.  Even though I didn’t post much I really liked the idea of peeking into peoples lives and thoughts. Creepy much?  Now it’s just basically gone, which I’ve accepted. I started my first blog there at 14! Wow, what I wouldn’t give to read those posts again!

I’m really loving being in my own little basement apartment.  It’s way better than I ever imagined.  Not to mention the fact that it’s FREE! The main drawback is the fact that it doesn’t have a restroom, but that’s the biggest complaint I have. So overall, I’m very content with my decision to make the basement my apartment and not move into a one bedroom for $440/ month.  And mom and dad have been great about giving me my privacy.  I’m very blessed to have them as my parents and for them allowing me to stay here. I’m also able to save a good amount of money.